Cultivation of the future: perlite in Agrotopia’s rooftop greenhouse

We’re so proud to be part of Agrotopia, Europe’s largest rooftop greenhouse created by Inagro for research into the latest cultivation techniques and the development of professional urban horticulture. “The rooftop greenhouse will be a driving force of innovation in the industry,” delegate Bart Naeyaert says. Our perlite substrate at Agrotopia was even mentioned on the TV news:

Sustainable substrates

The 9000 m² greenhouse and its high-tech facilities can accommodate innovative research at European top level. “The flexible and ultramodern facility includes an elevation greenhouse that is twelve metres high and allows experimentation with optimal use of space, vertical farming, multilayer cultivation, various types of growing gutters and new, more sustainable substrates”, Inagro Managing Director Mia Demeulemeester explains.


Agrotopia, festival of the future

Agrotopia is not only the name of the research center and greenhouse but it’s also the name of an event. “Mutual understanding between farmers and citizens is a prerequisite for making sure we give agriculture every opportunity in the future,” Mia Demeulemeester says. “The province of West Flanders is pushing this forward by organising ‘Agrotopia, festival of the future‘.” During the event (25-26 September and 2-3 October), the greenhouse is opening its doors to visitors of all ages who are interested in the future of horticulture.


(images © Inagro)