Kurt Lauwers starts working at Willems Perlite


Kurt Lauwers,  who used to be one of the familiar faces at Hollandplant as their Sales Manager, recently made a remarkable career move. After 19 years he has moved to Willems Perlite.

“I have always enjoyed working at Hollandplant, but I was ready for a new challenge,” says Kurt Lauwers. “I found it at Willems Perlite. I have known the Willems brothers for a long time because Hollandplant has been a regular customer of perlite blocks since 2002 and in recent years also of their vermiculite. So I have always known that growers achieve good results using a combination of perlite substrate and perlite blocks.”

Perlite slabs and recycling

Meanwhile, Willems Perlite has been investing heavily in further growth: the company is now also starting the production of perlite substrate in the form of perlite slabs and upright bags. To complete the cycle, the organisation also wants to provide for the recycling after the growing season. Kurt Lauwers is fully ready to sell Willems Perlite’s new products and services.

Ecological and financial benefits of perlite

“I started on 1 August and currently things are exceeding expectations,” he says. “The first orders have already been received and enquiries are coming in, including from growers who have no experience of growing on perlite. They also see the great benefits of perlite. For instance, no chemicals are added during the production process, which makes perlite very sustainable and ecological. Moreover, the growers do not have to drain the perlite slabs at the start, resulting in great labour savings.”

Demand for perlite is growing

Perlite is used in most vegetable cultivation, as well as for the cultivation of strawberries and soft fruit. Sven and Niels Willems, the managers of Willems Perlite, see the demand for their products growing. “We are very happy to have an experienced salesperson like Kurt Lauwers,” they say. “He comes at the ideal moment to respond to this growing demand. We are already looking for additional staff.”

Perlite substrate in rooftop greenhouse

Willems Perlite delivered its perlite cubes for the high-tech greenhouse of Ferme Abattoir, the urban farm built on the roof of Foodmet market hall in Brussels. We are very proud to be part of this unique circular economy project.


Ferme Abattoir combines a 2000m2 high-tech greenhouse and a 2000 m2 outdoor garden on the roof of Foodmet market hall.

The urban farm houses a state of the art aquaponic system where fish, fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown in a closed and zero waste loop.

Foodmet is a popular food market in Brussels that attracts 100,000 visitors each week. It responds to the consumers’ demand for healthier, local and traceable food. Everything is produced naturally, without any chemicals.

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Watch the video and spot our cubes!